Sicily travel guide

For those travelling to Sicily for the first time. Sicily is a very large island, the largest in the Mediterranean. From Portopalo di Capo Passero in the southeast to San Vito lo Capo in the northwest, it is almost 400 km.

On the other hand, Sicily and the mainland are separated by only 3 km and Tunisia is only 160 km away. Sicily divides the eastern and western Mediterranean and served as a stepping stone to and from Africa. In its long and varied history, Sicily has almost never been independent, but has mostly been subject to rulers who exploited the island and much of its population.

The list of conquerors, who often stayed for a long time or forever, is long and that is why Sicily is not only a large island, but above all an interesting, varied and contrasting one. Everything is more intense here, the heat, the colours, the light, the wind and the flavours.

Sicily has everything to offer that distinguishes Italy. Sea, culture, history, beautiful architecture and excellent cuisine. Sicily is virtually a concentrate of Italy. This also applies to the negative aspects, but as a guest you will only notice or see them to a limited extent.

Because of the great distances and the many sights, we recommend that you concentrate on one region.

We consider the northwest and the southeast to be the two most beautiful regions, which are also best suited for a longer holiday. In these regions you will find everything you need for a relaxing, interesting and unforgettable holiday. The two metropolises of Catania or Palermo, the Greek temples in Segesta or Siracusa, the two nature reserves with wonderful beaches, Vendicari or Lo Zingaro, the airports of Catania and Comiso or Palermo and Trapani, as well as the ports in Catania and Palermo.